Leather Style USB Wristbands

Leather USB Wristbands

The Leather Style USB Flash Drive is USB Wristband’s most luxurious style, with a leather-like finish and cool metallic clasp, the leather style certainly has an air of modernity, providing a truly high-end result, The Leather is favoured most by those looking for USB Wristbands for a Corporate or Fashion project. The Leather can be printed in up to 3 pantone colours or for an extra personal touch, can alternatively be laser engraved. Printing your USB with your logo ensures that whoever wears your Leather USB Wristband or uses it in their computer, will be able reminded of your logo each and every time, ensuring your logo gains maximum exposure. The Leather has an added maturity in its style in contrast to other styles offered by USB Wristbands, the wristband has a more formal edge, changing the occasions to which it can be worn.

The Leather style is available in capacitates as small as 64Mb and can have up to 64Gb, meaning whatever your needs there is a capacity to accommodate your project. USB Wristbands also adds the added service of pre-uploading your USB Wristband with up to 400Mb of data free of charge at source, saving you the time you would have usually spent uploading your USBs with data manually.