Glow Style USB Wristbands

Glow USB Wristbands

The Glow USB Wristband is one of USB Wristband’s newest and most unique styles, most popular with nightclubs and music events, the glow’s style is similar to that of the Lizard, but has the added functionality of being glow-in-the-dark, making them a fun and noticeable addition to any event.The Glow USB Wristbands work great by doubling up entry wristbands and data space for promotional materials. USB Wristbands are great for promoting your company or product, if you are favouring the Glow Style for a music event for example, why not fill the wristband with sample music and contact details of the bands and the venue? By making the most of the space on your USB Wristband can mean you can get the most out of your USB Wristband.

The Glow style can be printed in up to 3 spot colours with your chosen logo. USB Wristbands offers 400Mb of data pre-uploaded at source as standard, meaning you don’t have to spend time uploading your USB Wristbands with data one-by-one. The Glow Style USB Wristband is available in capacities ranging from a small 64Mb to a large 64Gb meaning whether your project is big or small, there’s a capacity for you.